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Wake Robin Road Project

Date:      April 19, 2019

To:         All Unit Owners and Residents of Manton Pond at Wake Robin Condominiums

From:     The Manton Pond Board


Please be aware that major drainage and construction work on Wake Robin Road will commence this Monday, April 22nd. Crews will be arriving around 7:30 am to begin the project.  The initial work will involve replacing two underground drainage pipes which traverse the roadway.  One drainage pipe is adjacent to the 1000 building and one drainage pipe is adjacent to the 1200 building.

As you might expect, there will be large, heavy equipment on site during this project.  There will be only one travel lane open in these during the construction process.  Please proceed through the area with extreme caution, and carefully follow all traffic directions from workers on site and signs, as well as respect areas marked with cones and/or barriers.

We very much appreciate your cooperation and patience during this project.  Within several weeks, we expect to have in place a newly paved section of roadway running from approximately the 600 building to the mailboxes.

This weekend there will be additional information coming out and posted on the website about the rest of the road project and the special assessment.  If you have any questions or concerns, I will be around and available all weekend.  I can be reached at the following:  Jeff’s Mobile - (508) 333-6700 / Jeff’s Email -


Thank you,

Manton Pond Board

Louise, Cheryl, Mary-Ann, Lisa, and Jeff

Contact Info: Jeff Gustafson